About us

Our vision is to create a fun filled environment for children between the ages of 3 - 9 years old; where they can physically develop from top to toe using our  specialized programme. Tumbling Tigerz lessons help children build confidence, learn good manners, improve listening skills as well as teaching them many more important life skills.

At Tigerz we believe that building a healthy love for Exercise and sport is essential to the future of your child’s development and success.

Our mission is to grow into a widely recognised brand that all parents and children will associate with fun, exercise and practical life skills.

We believe that the development of children is essential to success and confidence as they grow through life.
We strive to maintain high levels of service to all our schools and students. We're committed to improving children’s muscular development, confidence, co-ordination, balance, listening skills, fine and gross motor skills, fitness and many more.

By using a wide range of exercises, activities and equipment Tigerz will bring you child one step closer to complete physical literacy.