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30-minute sessions carried out by fun, enthusiastic, and highly-qualified coaches. We concentrate on gross motor development and specific body parts to ensure each child receives a full-body specialised workout.



Specialised Programme

Tumbling Tigerz has a broad range of well-thought-out, balanced, fun and fully-endorsed programmes. This ensures that your child’s attention span and body are kept active in each and every session. These sessions are carried out by experienced, highly-qualified and enthusiastic trainers. Each session is 30 minutes long and is held at the school or venue on the same day and time throughout the year.

Tumbling Tigerz programmes incorporate aspects from BOXING, PILATES, GYMNASTICS and BALL SKILLS. In our programmes we concentrate on specific body parts to guarantee your child receives a specialised, full-body workout. This will improve your child’s stability and athleticism.

All of our programmes have been endorsed by multiple PHYSIOTHERAPISTS and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS, and are always under constant review. This maintains our quality of physical development and ensures that our programmes do not become repetitive or outdated.

Tumbling Tigerz is a functional exercise programme. Studies have shown that children today struggle with core, scapular and upper body strength. Tumbling Tigerz specifically targets each of these problem regions to ensure that your child will not have any problems in their future sporting endeavours.


Over the past year the Norwood Sports Medicine and Exercise Institute have been privileged to have the Tumbling Tigerz at our medical centre. They have shown outstanding professionalism, commitment and dedication to the programmes they implement with their kids. They have numerous kids who are easily distracted, are impulsive, have difficulty focusing, become bored, struggle… Read more »

Farrel Cohen Physiotherapist

I have had the privilege of hiring Tumbling Tigerz for my 8 year – old’s birthday party. I was overwhelmed by the energy and enthusiasm that the Tumbling Tigerz coaches approached the children with. Every child was included and made a fuss of. Boys (and the handful of girls that attended) were kept busy with… Read more »

Sue Trevis

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