Farrel Cohen Physiotherapist

Over the past year the Norwood Sports Medicine and Exercise Institute have been privileged to have the Tumbling Tigerz at our medical centre.

They have shown outstanding professionalism, commitment and dedication to the programmes they implement with their kids.

They have numerous kids who are easily distracted, are impulsive, have difficulty focusing, become bored, struggle to follow instructions, and have difficulty processing information. However, their nurturing, yet no nonsense approach ensure the adherence to and success of their well prepared,diverse and comprehensive programmes.

They have a broad range of functional activities which they incorporate into their programmes. The activities include strength, flexibility, agility,co-ordination, and balance in a fun and exciting and correct way. They have combined ideas from boxing, Pilates, gymnastics, and various ball skills.

The confidence and joy we have witnessed first – hand bears testament to a really superb concept that is crucial in our computer age. We have also seen amazing improvements in the irkids posture, social skills, strength, and general well – being. Above all of this, the kids thoroughly enjoy the work out!

As Carol Welch once said: “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental state”

Farrel Cohen

BScPhysio (Wits) AdvPhysio (Wits) MMedSci (Sheffield)
Director Norwood Sports Medicine and Exercise Institute