Sue Trevis

I have had the privilege of hiring Tumbling Tigerz for my 8 year –

old’s birthday party. I was overwhelmed by the energy and enthusiasm that the Tumbling Tigerz coaches approached the children with. Every child was included and made a fuss of. Boys (and the handful of girls that attended) were kept busy with interactive ball games and matches. The coaches were innovative and melded the ideas they had for the party with the kids’ requests and developed their activities to suit the party. The coaches were professional and played with the children. Getting involved on the field with them and modelling good sporting behaviour which

encouraged the kids to follow suit. I noticed at one point a group broke off from the main group and a coach had taken some (less athletic) kids aside and started an activity they could enjoy at their fitness level. No one was left sitting on the sidelines. The coaches were as involved in the games as the kids were. The only time I heard a whistle was at the end of the party to gather them together for the cake! The kids were so involved that the kids’ table of food went virtually untouched!!

What a fantastic experience. I would recommend Tumbling Tigerz to all who are interested in a fun filled, healthy afternoon (or  morning) of fun and games.

Kind regards